Carolina Jubilee

Claire Eddings moves to Jubilee, North Carolina to escape from the ghosts of her past and – she hopes – to remake her future. What she doesn’t expect is to come face to face with Grayson Scott, one of the lead singers of her favorite band. Even more unexpected is how quickly they become friends, despite the painful memories Grayson stirs in her, along with the fact that he is a married man. Grayson Scott knows that moving back to his hometown of Jubilee, after a disastrous year in New York City, is the right decision for him, and for his kids. Admitting his marriage is over feels impossible. Pretending nothing’s wrong seems the best choice in this tiny town where gossip travels fast. But when his daughter’s enigmatic new teacher, Claire, offers the possibility of something more than friendship, the choice of living a lie starts to chafe.

The Heirs of Elves and Men

Books 1 and 2 available now on Amazon

The Heir of Veridis (Book 1)

The kingdom of Altis is at war with itself. King Eracles of Altis has been murdered by his traitorous brother Thaddeus. His sons, Gerard, Viktor, and Wesley, are on the run, each with a specific set of instructions to turn the tide, win the war, and reclaim the throne. But staying alive to carry out those orders may prove a challenge for Prince Viktor as he makes his way North to the neighboring kingdom of the elves.

The first installment in a new fantasy series from author Genevieve N. Colletta, The Heir of Veridis follows the journey of Prince Viktor and Christine Lucas, two childhood friends, as they go on a quest to save their homeland of Altis.

Along the way Viktor learns to step into the role left by his father, to lead and put his people above himself. Christine discovers that the things she thought she knew about her deceased mother weren’t entirely true and that she has a bigger role to play in saving Altis than even she expected. And both must reassess their role in each other’s lives as they’re faced with the possible end of life as they’ve known it.

Will Viktor be successful in securing aid from the elves? Will Christine find answers as to why her father ordered her to go to Veridis when he died? And what will become of their friendship as war and family threaten to pull them apart?

The Crown of Altis (Book 2)

Trapped in Veridis under the overbearing guardianship of her grandfather the king, Christine is desperate to find a means of escape in order to return to her war-torn homeland of Altis. Her determination is tested and motives questioned – is her desire based in service to her country, or love for its prince, her lifelong friend and betrothed, Viktor?  When she manages to fall into the ill-favor of her uncle and his vicious daughter, Christine’s meticulously planned escape turns into a run for her life, leaving her family and friends to wonder if she is dead or alive.

Prince Viktor meanwhile is fighting the war for his kingdom on more than one front. His usurping uncle enacts his most devious scheme yet, rendering Viktor’s army unexpectedly outnumbered, and thrusting him unwillingly into a role of absolute leadership. His council- a bunch of self-important and power-hungry old men – refuse to accept his authority, believing his youth invalidates his right to rule over them. When word reaches Viktor of Christine’s disappearance, it feels like all hope he held onto for the life he desired is lost.

The future for Christine and Viktor looms uncertain, fraught on all sides – from treacherous council members, traitorous relatives, and unusual alliances. Everything seems to conspire against them. What lengths will Christine go to in order to fulfill her duty to her kingdom and realize her fate to become Viktor’s wife and queen of Altis? How much is Viktor willing to sacrifice to reclaim his throne?