New Release

Carolina Jubilee is here to add a little sweet romance to your life.

Claire Eddings moves to Jubilee, North Carolina to escape from the ghosts of her past and – she hopes – to remake her future. What she doesn’t expect is to come face to face with Grayson Scott, one of the lead singers of her favorite band. Even more unexpected is how quickly they become friends, despite the painful memories Grayson stirs in her, along with the fact that he is a married man. Grayson Scott knows that moving back to his hometown of Jubilee, after a disastrous year in New York City, is the right decision for him, and for his kids. Admitting his marriage is over feels impossible. Pretending nothing’s wrong seems the best choice in this tiny town where gossip travels fast. But when his daughter’s enigmatic new teacher, Claire, offers the possibility of something more than friendship, the choice of living a lie starts to chafe.

You can buy a paperback copy or grab a copy for your Kindle here.

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