About the Author


Ah, the old introduction page, bane of the writer’s existence (second only to the back cover blurb). I’ll try to keep this informal because it’s my site after all.

I’m Genevieve N. Colletta, writer of New Adult fiction, in a variety of genres, and memoir. My predominant focus is Fantasy fiction, though I have works in progress in nearly every genre you can imagine.

As a kid, my dad worked for a book distributor and, as a result, I had more books than I could count before I could count. The summer before I turned seven, my mom and step-dad read The Hobbit to me and my brothers, and my fantasy obsession was born. Lord of the Rings, Dragonriders of Pern, and Chronicles of Narnia inspired me and gave me a foundation to create my own worlds. Summers in the wild open of my mom’s farm in the American Midwest sparked my creativity and fueled my imagination.

I spent many days in these woods pretending to be an elf of Lothlorien.

I had the good fortune to study English and writing in London, England, and have had the opportunity to travel extensively, which I try to bring to my writing.

The meeting place of Tolkien & Lewis’ writing Group, The Inklings.
Lifelong dream achieved!

Currently, I’ve settled into day to day life in North Carolina, where I live with tiny furry beasts and down the street from the cutest nieces in the world. When I’m not writing, I can be found baking elaborate gluten-free cakes and cookies for my family, out and about in the many local parks with friends, or headed to a Mumford and Sons concert.

Tiny Furry Beasts One and Two